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Here are the packages that we offer.

Rates & Fees Of Panchkarma Program

Ayurveda Abhyangam [oil massage as per body type] -  60 min -$150

                                                                                                 90 min-$175

Herbal Steam/Swedana                                                       - 20 to 40 min-$75[ session varies as per toxin accumulations in the body].

Ayurvedic Cooking classes Private session                          -$300 for 3 hour of session

                                                                                               -Semi Private-$200 /per person 

                                                                                               -Group of 3 to 5 -$150/person

                                                                                                -Group of 5 to 10 -$100 per person

Lepan/Herbal Body wrap                                                          - 60 min -$150

Udvartana/Herbal Dry Powder Body work                               -90 min-$200

                                                                                                   -120 min-$250

 Skin Care  in Ayurveda [ Marma,Massage,Wrap ,Fomentation ]-90 min-$200

                                                                                                        -120 min-$250

Ayurvedic Detox Face Work[ Marma,Massage,Wrap ,Fomentation ]-90 min-$200

                                                                                                        -120 min-$250


Ayurvedic Chakra Healing                                                                   -45  min-$95

                                                                                                             -60 min -$125

Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage/Ashma Sweda Therapy                      -90 Min-$175

                                                                                                             -120 min-$225

Pada Abhyangam[Foot Marma  and massageWork]                            -45 min-$115

Nasyam                                                                                                -45 min-$115

Hrudya Basti [on Heart Area] ,Kati basti  [on back area],Udar Basti [on umbilical /solar plexus area/or lower abdominal]-45 min-$115                                                              -45 min-$115

Shiro Basti [On head]                                                                            -60 min-$175

Pinda Sweda[Boluses/Poultice Therapy]                                               -90 min-$200

                                                                                                                -120 min-$250

Kalari Marma Therapy                                                                             --90 min-$200

                                                                                                                -120 min-$250

Shirodhara Therapy                                                                                 -45 min-$125


                                                                                                                  -75 min-$225



1] Ayurveda One day Blissfull Program

Ayurveda One day Blissful Program-Abhyangam + Swedana+Shirodhara+Ayurvedic detox face work = Total 3- hour program

2] Ayurveda One day Blissfull Plus  Program

Abhyangam + Swedana+Shirodhara+Ayurvedic detox face work  +Udvartana [body scrub or dusting or paste application varies as per client]=Total 3 and half  hour work

3] 2 Hour Healing

Ayuveda Shirodhara + Ashma Swedana/ Ayurvedic hot stone

4] One Day Of Healing Panchkarma Session

Ayurveda consultation +Diet and Lifestyle Guidence+ Ayurveda One day Blissful Program-Abhyangam + Swedana+Shirodhara+Ayurvedic detox face work   = Total 4 Hour Program = $475

If interested you can take a shower after the session only after you discuss with the Ayurveda Practitioner.
> Recommended supplies ,accessories, herbal ayurveda teas ,after evaluation  are not included in this price of the  program.
> You can ask for Ayurveda vegetarian  food after session  for additional $35 for one person to get the taste of the detox and cleansing vegeterian food t.

Panchkarma program  Work for 3/5/7 day = Ayurveda Consultations are included in this program. Each day you will get the work done for 3 hour .Included therapies are Abhyangam + Swedana+Shirodhara+Head  and Face Marma Work or Udvartana as per imbalances in the body  = Total 3- hour program.

We like to give the best therapies in the  session to get excellent experience  of Ayurveda. If clients are interested to learn and know more for 5 or 7 or 10  day program,we can offer different therapies from our services considering 3 hours of work each day .So they can enjoy the utmost beauty of Ayurveda to get back towards the RE-BALANCING & RE-SHAPING your body approach for Healthy and Happy journey of life by receiving the optimal health approach through the Ayurveda .

> Recommended supplies are not included in this program.
> You can inquire about the Ayurveda Panchkarma Special vegeterian diet  for additional charge of $35 each day.

Individualized Yoga for Body Transformation

Customized Yoga And Meditation Session with  Aruna Patki [Ayurvedic  Doctor from India ] who is  Yoga teacher and practicing Therapeutical yoga from last 22 years  .She  will help you to understand whats going on on your four diffrent levels of the body ,so that it will help you  to improve your  self   practice/home sessions for improving quality of life.This the unique designed  individualized  program of Therapeutic yoga postures and breathing techniques and chanting and meditation will help you how to deal with day to day stress,tension on mental ,physical and emotional level .This session should be completed in 3 to 5 sittings oe sessions within 15 days span so that there will not be a longer period gap in learning process of body as a whole .



Per session-45 min- $95